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​Same Day Service Calls for Insulated Glass Repair !


Residential glass repair & Commercial glass repair

 Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc: 

    Well, it's June 19th, 2022, and I am getting all my ducks in a row. Folk's trying to compete with the competition.

The glass business in Syracuse has become very competitive. I have the edge, and trying to stay on top is getting more complex every day. Anyway, if the glass you need today, next week, or in no hurry. Please stop in or call.

I keep most items in stock, and if it's something I can get done or while you wait. I will do my best.

  Most window glass, or small lite's, or shelves, table tops, I can get done most of the time, pretty fast. But, if it is something you need and is on my shelves, I will do it. Just ask !!!! I'm going to hold my head up high, keep working, and remember if you need it today, by the end of the week, or in no hurry.

  Just ask, and ensure you get it to me early in the day. I'm the guy !!!!

    Thank you