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Residential glass repair & Commercial glass repair

Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc. has provided the Syracuse, New York, area with quality glass services, including residential and commercial glass, for decades. Allow our company's professionals to serve you today. Excellent Service! We offer services to Homeowners, General Contractors, Businesses, and Governmental projects. Glass is used extensively for protection against UV rays, excessive heat, better HVAC efficiency, transparency, and an open work atmosphere. Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc. embraces the most recent innovations in glass to offer you a range of options. Martin's Glass Company Inc. provides you with friendly customer service at affordable prices. Our services include glass installation, repairs and walk-in services for your convenience.

       Importance of Glass: With the impetus laid on safe housing and commercial conditions, glass is finding more takers in both commercial and residential sectors. There is a shift of preference towards the use of glass in commercial and residential construction for a safer and healthier living or working space. Residential & Commercial @ Martin's Glass & Mirror Inc. provides quality installation of commercial glass for storefronts, Insulated Units, obscure glass, and replacement storefront hardware. We specialize in tenant finishing and re-configuring of existing storefronts, such as adding a new door. High performance glass, whether it is Low-E or Tinted , not only provides energy efficiency and utility savings, but also offers improved efficiency by downsizing the HVAC system. In addition, ultraviolet fading is possible to control with high performance glass.

       Our insulated glass units also come with a variety of other options, including the addition of a tinted light to the exterior to help control heat gain and sun glare. Laminated glass is incorporated to help with sound insulation and for security purposes. All of our units incorporate tempered safety glass.

       Request our service to install a new glass door in your home or business. Martin's Glass & Mirror Company Inc. provides you with impressive walk-in services for a quick and easy ordering process for offices, workplaces, buildings, and commercial set-ups. You are guaranteed quality and services within a given period of time with our helpful walk-in services.

In case you are in a hurry or need quick assistance, we have some of our easy to book services available. You can have your office glass replaced, screens repaired, tabletops serviced, and other mirror product issues addressed with our trained and proficient service team. For any one of our walk-in services, simply visit our office or contact us to make an inquiry. Walk-In Services, Syracuse, New York